June 25, 2001


CCW is proud to announce that on Saturday July 28 at 8:00pm they invade the Ben Hill Rec Center in Atlanta Georgia for a spectacular night of Professional Wrestling. Already committed to the card, CCW Brass Knuckles Champion, Iceberg Slim, Legendary Abdullah the Butcher, The Sheik, Kamala, Brucilia, former CCW Champion, Silky Boom Boom, Tank Norton, and many many more. Be sure to keep coming back to the official website of CCW for more news as it breaks.


March 17, 2001


On Friday Night March 16th, CCW brought to Thomaston, an exciting night of wrestling and suprises. The following are the complete results for that show.....

Jimmy Rave def. Rainman for the CCW CruiserWeight Championship

15 minutes couldn't hold this exciting contest between two of the states premier CruiserWeights. The contest started off quick, with both men quickly countering each others moves and putting on a wrestling clinic of monumental proportions. In the end the time limit expired and it left the 200 plus screaming for more, 5 minutes more that is. Unlike other companies that tease the idea, CCW Commissioner, John Johnson and Referee, Joey Buffet granted the crowd and the competitors' request and gave them five more minutes. Inside the first minute Jimmy Rave rolled up Rainman for a pin and the held up CCW CruiserWeight Belt.

Imenim def Drew Golden

Imenim started off on Drew Golden very quickly. Drew was able to comeback and use his quickness to off set Imenim's power attack. In the end however it would be the "M-Driver" that would put Imenim over the top.

During the \\$500 BodySlam Challenge, Mysterious Benefactor and Iceberg Slim came out and told the crowd the challenge would not take place. Commissioner Johnson told them they had to carry on the challenge. Benefactor agreed only if they could pick the participants. Johnson agreed and Benefactor then went on to pick children from the audience. A local Thomaston resident, who was very well put together, challenged Iceberg to let him in the contest. Benfactor was very much against the young powerhouse getting into the contest. John JOhnson however forced them into letting him in the contest. Just as the man was getting in the ring, Joey Grendle came out of nowhere and jumped him. They continued to beat the man down. Until referees and officials forced the men form the ringside area. The man, who identified himself as Pirece Cage, challenged Joey Grendle to a match later in the night.

Pierce Cage def Joey Grendle

A weird match, originally scheduled to be between Joey Grendle and the debuting Crazy Billy. Joey Grendle was in the middle of punishing Crazy Billy, when from the crowd out poppeed Pierce Cage. The referee let the match continue without the help of Crazy Billy, who appeared to have suffered a injury during the three way brawl. Joey Grendle and his valet Chloe continued ther beatdown on Pierce Cage. Pierce was making a great comeback and appeared on his way to a major upset. In the final moments of the match, Pierce and Grendle bumped into Chloe, sending both men outside the ring to check on the young lady. Grendle attacked Pierce from behind, and continued his beating in the ring. The riding crop came into play, but it was Pierce spanking both Chloe and Grendle and managed to catch Grendle distracted, in which he caught him in a roll up and scored an upset.

Loon A Tick/Jerry Lewis Jr def. Mr. Feelgood/AWOL

In this two out of three falls match, both teams were going at it tooth and nail. The unorthodox style of Loon and Lewis was too much for AWOL and Feelgood to handle. Fustration was setting in by the third fall between Feelgood and AWOL and they found themselves coming to blows. During this time Loon and Lewis took it upon themselves to grab both men and roll them up. They got the pin and the CCW Tag Belts. As Feelgood and AWOL were leaving the ingside area they continued to argue and fight.

Silky Boom Boom and Homicide battled to a double dq

This match was a barn burner. These two men are no strangers to each other, as they have battled each other all over the southeast. Homicide was taking it to Silky with his gang mentality, and the help of his tag partner Rainman. Silky managed to gain a comeback and out speed and out wrestle Homicide for a few moments. Homicide gained the advantage once again with help from outside interference thanks in part to Rainman. In the end, Silky had Homicide in the Airplane Spin, but Homicide's legs caught Joey Buffet, and the referee went sprawling out on the mat. Rainman entered the ring and hit Silky with the CCW Belt. Homicide went for the pin, but the referee was out. As Homicide went to wake te referee, Silky grabbed the belt and planted Homicide with the championship strap. Silky got the pin, but as he was celebrating John Johnson and Referee Murray went to the ring and informed Joey Buffet of the happenings. John Johnson then stripped the belt and held it up. He announced that they will be a match soon for the vacant belt.

Iceberg Slim def. Abdullah the Butcher for the Brass Knuckles Championship

Only one thing could be said about this match, "an exciting bloodbath". Iceberg jumped his mentor Abdullah the Butcher, before he had a chance to get in the ring. Much like his mentor, Iceberg pulled out a fork and began to carve more roads all over the already multiple time carved forehead of the Butcher. Abdullah's blood was flowing like wine, and seemed to be out. Abdullah was not going to play dead to his student. Instead he was able to find an opening and used it to show the 450 pound monster Iceberg Slim how to properly use the fork. Abdullah bloodied the young once eager student. Abdullah seemed to have full control until Iceberg's manager Mysterious Benefactor interefered. He also recieved a fork for his troubles. Just then Iceberg used the distraction to gain a Major Upset and the Brass Knuckles Championship. It wasn't over though as The Sheik managed to come out of the crowd and attack Iceberg and Benefactor. Soon all the lockerooms cleared, and Abdullah and the Sheik managed to clear the ring, and continued the assualt on Iceberg and Benefactor. It took several minutes to clean the carnage from ringside.


March 8, 2001


An unfolding story has taken place at Abdullahs House of Ribs. CCW Commissioner,John Johnson was at the restraunt for the official contract signing. He was met by Mysterious Benefactor and Iceberg Slim. The two met with Abdullah for the signing. Just after the signatures were placed on the contract, Iceberg attacked Abby. He pounded the Brass Knuckles champion, until Johnson demanded the two to leave. No more information was available on Abdullah's condition, but a statement was expected to be handed down from the commisioner later today.


March 1, 2001


March 16th is looking to be a big date for the CCW. Not only are they returning to the Upson County Civic Center, but they are bringing in the reigning Brass Knuckles Champion, Abdullah the Butcher. It has been just under 2 years since "the mad man from the Sudan" invaded Thomaston. The last time he was here he had New Jack along with him and the two beat down every member of the CCW roster. What does Abdullah have in mind for the CCW this time? There is only one way to find out, be in Thomaston at the Civic Center March 16th.

In other CCW news, CCW Heavyweight Champion Homicide is set to defend the title on this historic card. CCW Board of Commissoners has not yet announced an opponent, but has stated the belt will be defended. After a 5 month lay-off, one half of the former CCW Tag Team Champions, Sweet Daddy has returned to action. He has a new look, and is in the best shape of his life. He has a new bodguard, and has also stated he is looking for a new partner to tam up and go after the CCW Tag Belts. The SouthEast Hardcore Icon, Iceberg Slim is on a rampage, and some say he may be pissed off. Slim, at 450 pounds is looking for another victim in Thomaston, and has stated he doesn't care who it is, even if it is Abdullah the Butcher. Watch for this unfolding story to come to a head in Thomaston. Speaking of Abdullah and Iceberg, the bad blood seemingly stems from a tour of Puerto Rico, where Abby teamed with longtime rival and nemesis, Carlos Colon to take on The One Man Gang and Iceberg Slim. It was a bloddy battle that left Iceberg a bloody mess. Slim hasn't forgotten, and insiders says he has a picture of himself taped to the mirror in his gym. What is the picture of? It is Iceberg covered from head to toe in blood, from the Puerto Rico show. CCW star Brucilia is set to take Thomaston by storm. He has promised many suprises for the masses in Thomaston. CCW is set to announce plans of a big Summer Tour. Details are sketchy at this time, but from the looks of things it could be one of the best the Southeast has ever seen. CCW announcer, John Johnson has stated in certain circles he is unhappy with the disrespect he gets from certain wrestlers and memebers of CCW management. In fact earlier this week an application was sent and recieved by the Georgia Atheletic Commission for a managers license. The name on the application? John Johnson.